Explore Gabala

Health and wellness holidays in Azerbaijan: nature and history at the gate of Europe.

Gabala, within the broad and ancient region of Azerbaijan, thanks to its pure air, stunning nature and tranquillity, is undoubtedly the perfect retreat prevention and regenaration. Far from the noise of the city and your stressful daily routine, a place where learning to understand the importance of taking time to reboot and recharge.

Gabala: Azerbaijan's jewel in the crown

Gabala, capital of the Caucasian Albania as early as 4th century BC, was located in the middle of the Silk Road Route that for over 2500 years provided cultural exchange and trades between Europe, India and China. You can visit the enchanting ruins of the ancient city.

Discover Qabala region in Azerbaijan

Today the Gabala region is a primary tourist destination with a lot to offer to the refined traveller.

In the town of Gabala you will find culture, entertainment and shopping facilities. Once a year, Gabala hosts an International Music Festival. The Gabala Shooting Club is a 25-hectare shooting center equipped with Olympic-level gear. 

The Tufan Alpine Skiing Complex is the biggest in the Caucasian region, serving up to 3,000 people a day in the winter season.

Kids will enjoy a visit to “Gabaland”, the largest amusement park in Azerbaijan.

How to reach Gabala International Airport

The Gabala Airport is located in north-west of Azerbaijan, 118 km from Ganja International Airport and 210 km from Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport. The region is also linked with Makhachkala Airport, Tbilisi Airport and Lankaran Airport. You can reach Baku with British Airways, Turkish Airlines and Azerbaijan Airlines, among others.

Directions and practical information

Nohur Lake and Nohurgishlag water storage

Nohur Lake – (Nohurgishlag water storage – is located in a natural groove among Gulluburun, Goydagh and Yumuru mountains. Nohur ghol which existed as a natural lake until 1949, used to be surrounded by a swamp covered with dense reeds and water plants and there was a lake with yellowish-green water in a deep groove in the central part of it. In 1949 a water-storage reservoir was constructed in the south part of this lake. Water of Damiraparan and Vandam rivers is spilt into Nohurgishlag reservoir. This lake within the populated area near Gabala – Ismayilli - Baku motor way is one of the most visited. Nohurgishlag water-storage reservoir has also a great contribution to the development of aquaculture and rowing sport. In winter thickness of the ice cover on the surface of the lake can reach 40-50 cm.