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Metabolic Optimization and Weight Loss Henri Chenot Programme

14 days - EUR 7.600 per person

This programme aims to give a boost to metabolism, improve vitality and energy levels and promote body aesthetics and weight loss with lipolytic action . It combines the Chenot Method treatments and slimming diet with advanced technology medical aesthetic devices and exercise treatments. This programme achieves a powerful and effective result in a short period of time. Following medical assessment, the treatments are personalised to the needs of each individual and are constantly monitored by specialised medical personnel. This programme is highly recommended to those who want to make a boosting start to get back into shape or improve their appearance prior to an event.

The programme includes:

  • 3 Medical Consultations
  • 3 Nutritional Consultations at start, mid and end of programme
  • Personalised Slimming Diet
  • Slimming Dietary Supplementation
  • 1 Bio-Energetic Check up
  • Chenot Advanced Medical Diagnostics:
    • Vascular Age Stiffness
    • Minerals and Heavy Metal Intoxication Analysis
    • Oxidative Stress Assessment
    • Measurement of Advanced Glycation End Products AGEs
    • Skin Collagen Thickness Assessment
  • 1 Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment
  • 1 Cardiorespiratory Assessment with fitness programme Consultation
  • 1 Postural and Movement Assessment
  • 2 Body Composition Analysis
  • 4 Systemic Vita-Mix Enrichments
  • 7 Chenot Energetic Massages
  • 4 Chenot Abdominal or Cellulite Treatments
  • 7 Hydro-Aromatherapy Treatments
  • 7 Phyto-Mud Treatments
  • 7 Hydro-Jet Treatments
  • 6 Lipolytic Advanced Technology Sessions
  • 8 Personal Training Sessions (including Hypoxic, Antigravity and Vacuum Treatments)
  • Free access to the gym, indoor pool, sauna and steam bath with colour therapy

Additional screening tests and beneficial treatments following initial medical consultation (optional, not included in the price):

  • Biochemical Analysis in blood and/or urine samples for certain markers 
  • Ozone Systemic Application
  • Whole-Body Cryotherapy Treatment
  • HighTone Power Treatment
  • Neurac Treatment

* The New Chenot Advanced Medical Diagnostics Plus consists of state of the art checkups that enable our specialised medical professionals to assess the current status of “Health Wellness” in a holistic and systemic method, to understand our guests’ needs and create their customized treatment plan. Our advanced medical screening tests are focused into the impact that lifestyle makes to health and wellbeing.

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